Week 5

Today marks 5 weeks since I started my healthy lifestyle change. Woke up at 3:45AM to get a small workout in and take a shower before work. I recently started using The My Fitness Pal app again, in the beginning I felt too restricted using it and I would get discouraged. In the past few days I’ve felt comfortable enough to start using it again. So this morning while eating my 2 scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, and 1 slice of pepper jack cheese I logged my breakfast, lunch and snacks for the day. I still have 1,632 calories left for the day. Now I’m walking in place in the parking lot at work before I start, I want to hit my 10,000 steps goal early today! Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. If anyone would like to follow me on my fitness pal, fitbit, and/or Weilos my screen name on all three is: mannyq1987. Feel free to friend me or comment your screen name/email address so I can give you a follow. Staying accountable with more people has helped me so much in my short journey so far, so I’m hoping to continue and help anyone else that I can.

5 Week Before/After

Well it has been a little over five weeks since I started this journey. It has not been easy, but the longer I stick with it the more I notice myself loving the lifestyle change. I understand that I am still at the beginning stages of my weight loss, but I wanted to share my very first before and after picture. I personally don’t see much of a difference. I do feel better though and even if for only that reason I will continue to push forward to reach my goals.


Im sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I’ve been a little busy with work and family life. I have been keeping up with my healthy eating habits, but have become a little complacent in the exercise department. As I’m writing this now I’m preparing breakfast for my wife and I for tomorrow morning. I’m doing this so I can have time to get a good workout done in the morning before work. I normally get up at 4:30AM to get ready for work, so I’m setting my alarm clock for 3:30AM. I’m hoping this sticks, I’ve heard such good things about the benefits of working out in the morning as opposed to at night like I’ve been doing. Anyway, it’s almost 10:00PM now and I’ve got to wake up early. Goodnight everyone. Here’s to continuing to better ourselves.

Accountability Entry: One

I plan on posting these regularly, or at least when I feel it necessary. Hence the title of this blog entry. Just thought I’d explain it a little bit.

I am here to admit that for the last three or so days I have not been keeping up with my workouts/exercises. I have on the other hand been continuing to make healthy choices, except for a cheat meal I had last night while out in Santa Monica with my wife and son. I had a burger, skipped the fries, and washed it down with water. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping by the way. After measuring my weight this morning I was at 308.0lbs, a total loss of 19.5lbs from my start weight. I am very proud of this, and will not let myself get down because of the lack of exercise. Today is a new day and I plan on getting my workouts back on track tonight after work. The weird thing about it is I am actually excited. Look at me, looking forward to exercise. Here’s to continuing with my lifestyle change, one day at a time.

Moving Past It

For the past week and a half I had been stuck between 312-310lbs. After losing 15lbs in the first two weeks I was starting to feel a little discouraged that I had hit a plateau. I weighed myself this morning and I was at 308! Felt so good to see the scale moving again. Here’s to staying focused through my first plateau and moving forward with my weight loss.


It’s been almost three weeks since I made the decision to become healthier. I’ve been eating smaller portions, analyzing what I want to go into my body, and exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days a week. Am I missing something?

Since I started I’ve lost anywhere from 15 to 17lbs (it fluctuates day to day), I understand that to me it is a huge accomplishment and one I should be very proud of, but for the past 5 days I can’t seem to get past that point. Have I really hit a plateau so early in my journey?

It’s hard not to get discouraged and return to my comfort eating. I am staying the course though, I know now that this for me is no longer an option. Getting healthy has now become a must. I want to be someone to my son, when he gets older, that he can look up to. I want to make my wife proud to have me as her husband.

I guess I just wanted to vent a little. By all means, if anybody has any tips I would gladly appreciate them.

Getting started

I understand that I am still at the very beginning stages of my fat loss/lifestyle change journey. So let me start off by saying that I have always been a bit big, since about as far back as fourth grade I can remember wishing I weighed less. Fast forward to about three weeks ago: my wife and I spoke about getting into shape. As usual I blew it off until she told forced me to get on the scale, it read 327.5 lbs. This blew my mind, I had never been this heavy before, and I couldn’t believe I had let it get so bad. Since then I have been making a conscious effort to control my portions, control what kinds of food I put into my body, and exercise at least 4 to 5 days a week. It HAS NOT been easy, and I am far from perfect, but this is me trying to make a change. I am doing this not just for myself, but my wife and son too. I owe it to them to offer the healthiest version of myself. So here’s to making the first steps towards a better me.

Introducing myself

Well let’s see, I am a twenty seven year old husband and father. My wife (Emily) and I have been married for a little over two years now and my son (Manny) will be two years old in a few months from now. I am mostly starting this blog for accountability while I track my weight loss. I thought it would be a cool way to share my progress, recipes I find/ like, and just update people on my overall life. I promise to try and keep it interesting.